The Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith is a Criminal Defense and Family law firm serving Bexar and surrounding counties. I handle all areas of divorce law, including property division, child custody issues, child or spousal support, and enforcement of court orders. I also have experience as a criminal defense attorney, having defended both felony and misdemeanor crimes including DWI, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, theft, assault, evading arrest and juvenile criminal offenses.

I have dedicated my career to protecting the rights of the citizens of Bexar, Comal, Hays, Guadalupe, Wilson, and other south and central Texas counties in both their criminal defense and family law cases. If you have a tough divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, enforcement, or modification issue, you need to find competent representation that you can trust. I can help you understand the divorce process and make sure that your rights are protected at your child custody hearing. If your ex spouse is not fulfilling his or her duties under a prior court order, you need a tough lawyer who is not afraid to litigate your case to make sure that they are held accountable and to represent you at your enforcement or contempt hearing. Call my office if you have any questions about your family law situation, whether it has to do with father’s rights, grandparent’s rights, mother’s rights, or children’s rights, I will find the right answer for you and help you use the law in order to get the result that you want.

If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony crime in San Antonio or the surrounding counties, you can call me to help you understand what is happening with your case. You will need someone to protect you from the aggressive prosecutors who will be looking to secure a conviction in your case to advance their careers. I am willing to take your criminal case to trial to ensure that your rights are protected in your DWI, theft, assault or other charge. I am very familiar with the local courts, and will fight to get your case dismissed or reduced. I also have experience with juvenile issues, and will help both you and your child get navigate the juvenile court system. After your case is disposed of, I can also help you with your expunction or non-disclosure if applicable. Call my office today to see if you qualify for either an expunction or an order of non-disclosure to clean up your criminal record and allow you to move on with your life.

At the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith clients come first. I understand that choosing a lawyer can be a daunting experience, and my promise to you is that I will take the time to explain the law to you in language that you can understand. It is my job to help you get through your legal issues, whether it is a trying family situation or a criminal charge, and to fight as hard as I can to secure a favorable outcome in your case. 

Let me help you with your difficult divorce, child custody case, or child support issues. I am ready to fight to get you the result you are looking for.

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